Focus on the basics and make sure you have your reports, delivered to your inbox or on a dashboard
Charts + Utility


When attorneys spend significant time in transit, in court, or remote a mobile-first solution is an important aspect of time management

Digital Institutional Memory

Your organization's data is searchable and time tracked so you can know what changed, when, and how
From Filling Cabinet


Casetab can be made to run on a variety of platforms and can be configured to meet jurisdictional requirements and management of personally identifiable information (PII)


We work with you to set up templates and automation. This includes email and text message reminders, links to calendars, and more Data Extraction


We can integrate with your existing software stack.

Low Cost

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About Us

Casetab was started to build a best-in-class case management system and save criminal justice practitioners time. We aim to bring state of the art work in data analysis and design to help solve critical problems in the management of criminal justice data


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