I would like to invite you to participate in our RFP process. How can I reach out?

Find us at sales@casetab.io for any questions, concerns, or support. You can also click on our names on the main page

Can you port my current system's data to Casetab?

Yes. We will build a set of tests and checks to ensure that the data has been correctly mapped onto our platform. Our ERD as well as our source code will be available for your approval as well. All migrations have a set of deliverables that include an annotated data dictionary and explanations on how to port and handle the data

My organization needs an on-premise solution, can we use Casetab?

Yes! Casetab can be hosted on-premises or cloud hosted. Our hosted solution allows us to offer Casetab to smaller organizations and contract practitioners in states where medium-to-large defender organizations are not the norm

Can you integrate with our case/document management system?

Yes, we can break off discrete parts of the service if you'd like. One of our priorities in new implementations is to support internal IT needs and procedures

Does this work on mobile?

Yes, the software is accessible via mobile browser, it scales for tablets and various phone resolutions

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No. Even if deployed on-premises Casetab is accessible via browser. We only support evergreen distributions of Chrome, but if your office needs IE, Edge, or Firefox support let us know

What training do you provide?

We will provide a set of webinars, guides to system implementation, and documentation that is directly accessible from the system or a separate wiki website

I need additional customization to meet my organization/city/county/state/town's needs. Can you help?

Yes. contact us to see if we can treat your use case