What does it cost?

Developer Advocate Advocate Pro
Check the docs two-factor auth, dedicated servers Security keys, HIPAA, custom mobile app
Free! $2.25/case $7.50/case

If you work at high case volumes on a low budget, e.g. traffic court, but would still like to use Casetab please use the contact form below to reach out to us, we'd love to support your use case

Automated SMS/Notifier

The notifier is reminder system for case parties and attorneys to show up in court and attend to case obligations. It can be purchased standalone. It is validated as a tool to reduce FTAs, but can be used to help with witness coordination and support as well.

Automated Messaging
Notifications have been shown to generate meaningful changes in FTA rates with competing systems reporting seventy five percent reductions in non-appearance rates
$5,000/year + SMS costs

Here's a model to estimate your SMS costs. The key variables here are your caseload and the average number of messages you expect to be exchanging with your clients.

Additional Fees

We charge an additional fee for data porting. This is negotiated on a per-case basis and can be waived for particularly small firms interested in upgrading their technology. Other considerations include recordkeeping policies and requirements, functionality that needs to be duplicated, prior installation size, number of users, intellectual property constraints among other factors.